How Do You Select The Best Fake Grass For Your Backyard?

People have fake grass installed in their backyard for all sorts of reasons. Typically they want a lush green lawn all year around, regardless of climate considerations and mowing demands. Fortunately, consumers are spoilt for choice these days as there is a very wide range of outdoor fake grasses available, with artificial grass installation providing very realistic results, especially when the type of grass is carefully chosen with the help of an expert and installed professionally.

To demonstrate this, let’s look at the following case study.

Outdoor fake grass installation of a residential putting green in Townsville

Our clients in Townsville came to us in frustration after the outdoor fake grass they had installed in their backyard only a couple of years earlier had weathered and perished, leaving barely anything left. They really liked the fake grass in their backyard – it gave the look they wanted, with no maintenance. However, they were a little cautious second time around and had a few questions for us which we have addressed below.

Is it worth putting in fake grass again?

Naturally our client’s felt a little nervous and wondered if it was worth installing fake grass again a second time around. We were able to assure them that by using quality products as opposed to cheaper products you might buy for a DIY install, that the two artificial grass products we were recommending would last, and were in fact covered by a manufacturer’s warranty of 8 and 12 years respectively. This quality assurance put our client’s mind at ease.

Can you use fake grass outside for putting greens?

We were able to reassure our client that yes, you can use fake grass outside for putting greens, providing you choose the right type of artificial grass and install it correctly.

Which type of fake grass is best for putting greens?

For this project our expert team recommended a KDK non-directional synthetic grass known as Kingston Green, which is manufactured by APT Asia Pacific in Melbourne and distributed through agents such as Maccas Synthetic Grasses in Central Queensland.

KDK stands for Knit de Knit yarn which is constructed or “knitted” in such a way that it maintains its shape better and has higher resilience than conventional yarn. Therefore, artificial grass that is constructed from this material also lasts longer. As the manufacturing process is more involved, this type of grass can cost a little more but the investment is well worth it. After all, you get what you pay for.

We used the Kingston Green grass on the putting areas – also ideal for high traffic areas in Aussie backyards.

For the fringe/hazard areas we used Comfort Plus 30, also from APT.

Comfort Plus fake grass for backyard
Comfort Plus Fake Grass comes with a 12 year warranty and provides a soft touch medium to heavyweight landscaping solution, making it an ideal choice for our client.

“To say the residents are stoked with the outcome is a huge understatement.”

Brian McAtee, Maccas Synthetic Grasses

If you have a special project in mind and would like to discuss an artificial grass installation, give us a call or send us an email and we will get back to you. We are often working onsite so emails work well.

Here are some of the final images from the project: