Low maintenance lifestyles: There’s no need to weed, water or mow

Macca’s Grasses has been installing artificial lawns and grass areas in residential homes for the last 16 years.

We free up smart homeowners to relax instead of spending the weekend mowing and whipper snipping their properties. 

Synthetic grass and turf have been around for years but only recently has the synthetic turf developed to a stage where homeowners and landlords prefer it over a natural lawn because of its many benefits over grass. 

Our residential artificial turf products have a large range of benefits for you and your home.

Artificial grass makes the perfect choice for:

  • Areas that are heavily shaded or exposed to harsh sun remain green and lush all year round
  • There are no weeds that pop up from nowhere
  • Fake Lawns are perfect for small backyards, shaded areas or garden areas
  • Artificial Grass provides safe, soft and bindie free yards for the kids

Our artificial turf creates an instant, low maintenance and lasting lush garden effect

If you are forever weeding, fertilising, watering and tending to your lawn and want to be free from the endless cycle of looking after your yard we have lots of different types of fake grass to choose from. 

Not only can you replace your front and back lawn we can also create perfect spaces for you to enjoy in your home using artificial turf. We have extensive experience creating recreation areas for the whole family including artificial Golf Greens and Tennis courts which adds to the all-year-round family fun.

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