How To Choose The Best Artificial Grass For Your Landscaping Space

Best artificial grass

Installing artificial grass landscaping makes perfect sense for landscapes that we just want to be visually pleasing. However, landscapes that are heavily walked on like those of child play areas and backyards, require much more than just looking good. Different landscapes of course have different requirements, and with so many artificial grass landscaping options to choose from you want to be sure your chosen grass upholds to the user’s needs. It’s important to assess the area for installation, consider the purpose of the artificial grass and discuss the various options available with a trusted supplier.

Best Artificial Grass

One of the most common landscapes that utilise artificial grass installation are backyards. Fake grass for backyards makes perfect sense, as these areas get the most foot traffic and are often most used in gatherings. To help choose the best fake grass for this specific landscape you’ll need to have an idea of just how much the grass will be used, and for what. There are certain types of artificial grass that perform better under small amounts of use. For example, nylon is a great artificial grass material for golf courses and places that aren’t used a lot. However, this material isn’t best for backyards. In contrast, polyethylene forms of artificial grass come in a wide variety and are excellent for withstanding extreme use, i.e. those soccer games in the backyard.

Differing lengths of artificial grass also influence its overall display and durability. For areas like the backyard, heights above 31mm seem to hold up best. Anything too low will create grass that looks unnatural and doesn’t last.

Best fake grass for childcare centre

Synthetic turf for childcare centres is another area where choosing the right artificial grass landscaping is important. Like backyards, childcare centres have some of the heaviest traffic and the most need for safe landscapes. Again, polyethene is a first choice here, where safety and durability are the biggest deciding factors for synthetic turf in childcare centres.

How closely together artificial grass is knitted together determines its density and is a great indicator of high-quality material. (The only quality you expect when it comes to children.)

The height of artificial grass plays a crucial role in childcare areas with artificial grass, where again, taller heights provide more stability and last longer. Shorter turf on golf courses and rarely walked on surfaces will not hold up here and will only appeal to the eye.

Artificial grass installation for high traffic landscapes like backyards and childcare centres requires choosing the best type of artificial grass for your location. Incorrect artificial grass selections can only result in incorrect artificial grass installation. From blindly choosing your material, to poor installation there are too many ways to fail this strenuous project. Because children’s safety is imperative, and the idea behind purchasing artificial grass is long-lasting low maintenance landscapes, don’t risk trying to get an installation right on your own with thousands of dollars on the line.

To ensure the highest quality level of installation, take the work out of this difficult process by pairing with a trusted supplier. With Maccas Synthetic grass, we combine professional installation with the best artificial grass available to provide high traffic areas with durable, strong and especially safe lawns.

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