Artificial Grass vs Real Grass – A Pros and Cons Comparison

artificial grass vs real grass

Installing artificial grass lawns in comparison to natural grass lawns has its advantages and disadvantages. It can be hard to make the best decision when you might not know which one that is. It’s important to provide the best version of grass to promote minimal maintenance, the best overall display and the ideal landscaping for your amount of foot traffic and weather. Let’s walk through the pros and cons of choosing artificial grass instead of real grass and help make the best decision for your new lawn.

Artificial Grass vs Real Grass

Let’s look at the pros of artificial lawn grass.

Save yourself time and money

One advantage of choosing artificial grass for your backyard over real grass is the amount of time saved on maintaining it. Artificial grass, of course, doesn’t grow and remains the same height it was purchased at. This is ultimately the number one reason people decide to use artificial grass, not to mention the cost savings on expensive gardening tools like lawnmowers, their fuel and grass renewal products. 

Perfect looking lawn, no matter what 

Another pro to installing artificial grass in your backyard is the ability to achieve a perfect looking lawn, without any work. In a community of manicured lawns, there might not be anything worse than the eyesore of an unkempt lawn.  In some places, there are even fines applied if lawns aren’t kept in compliance with neighbourhood regulations. The best artificial grass provides tv screen worthy displays. Acquiring artificial lawn grass ensures you’re always in compliance with neighbourhood upkeep, and what’s more you’ll always enjoy a beautiful landscape to complement your home.

Help the environment by saving water 

Yet another pro to backyard use of artificial lawn grass in comparison to the real thing, is the positive effects it has on the environment. When your lawn doesn’t require watering, less water is spent on irrigation. Because so much water is already wasted every day, saving one of our most precious resources and limiting pesticide-contaminated runoff water, is a huge advantage of using artificial grass. In corporations and bigger businesses, backyard artificial grass can almost seem like the only option, as it’s the most cost-effective in terms of water costs and also leaves the least impact on the environment.

Let’s look at the cons of artificial lawn grass.

Less nourishment for the environment 

In comparison to real grass, artificial grass doesn’t nourish the environment like real grass will. Able to absorb heat and provide oxygen to our ecosystem, replacing real grass with its counterpart reduces the earth’s restorative properties. It’s something to think about if you are concerned about your carbon footprint.  In areas where there is no grass growing, installing fake grass has less of an environmental impact. This effect can be offset by planting real plants in garden beds.

Upfront Costs 

Initially, the cost of installing an artificial lawn may seem high. Without factoring in the yearly costs of maintaining a real lawn, it may seem like a fake lawn isn’t cost-effective. It may cost you more initially, but money will be saved over time. Costs of maintenance for real lawns will cost far more than your initial installation did, but some may be discouraged by the startup costs.

Real grass has a more authentic feel 

While artificial grass is a great investment for your home, it’s still exactly what it says: artificial. Some users of artificial grass don’t appreciate its lack of temperature adaptation or the false feeling on the soles of their feet.  Even with the best artificial grass installation, you won’t experience the feeling of a living breathing plant. For some, this isn’t a sacrifice they’re willing to make. Your view on artificial products is the sole factor in this aspect.

With a little research behind your artificial vs real grass decision, we hope it’s easier to choose. Artificial lawn grass can be one of the best investments for your home, saving the earth water, and giving you more time to be with your family rather than maintaining the yard they interact on.  However, at the same time, installing artificial grass means you can’t enjoy the benefits of living, breathing plant life. It’s initially more costly and has the potential to take away from the healing properties real grass provides the environment. Deciding here ultimately depends on your personal views and goals behind wanting a new lawn.

Whatever decision you make, we’re ready to provide you with the best artificial grass to help decide. At Maccas Synthetic Grasses, we not only supply artificial grass, but it also comes coupled with professional installation to guarantee a sustainable long-lasting lawn.  Contact us today for a consultation on your new artificial lawn.