Synthetic Grass Uses in Townsville

Synthetic grass has been used in Townsville for many years in a range of different applications. However, due to the realistic appearance of artificial grass, its use is not always obvious. To the trained eye, the prolific use of synthetic grass is immediately apparent, including in government settings, schools and childcare centres, sporting and recreational areas and in commercial and residential settings.

The climate in Townsville can be a little bit challenging when it comes to growing and maintaining real turf, with temperatures regularly soaring above 40 degrees celsius in the summer months. The average rainfall in Townsville also varies significantly between the dry season and the wet season, so it is little wonder that so many sectors in Townsville have embraced astroturf or fake grass as an efficient and sustainable alternative to real grass.

Government agencies, such as the Townsville City Council, have embraced the use of astroturf on median strips around the Townsville area. Synthetic grass is also used along the verge of roads, roundabouts and in landscaping around Townsville City Council’s parks, pools and sporting facilities. Maccas Synthetic Grasses have been responsible for many of the fake grass installations you see around Townsville. You may not have realised so much of the lush green grass you see is fake but if you cast your mind back you will realise that you won’t have seen a Townsville City Council worker mowing or watering them either. Astro turf installations save local governments a lot of time and maintenance costs, freeing up their workers to service other areas.

Synthetic Grass used by Government in Townsville
Fake Grass used by council in Townsville

Other commercial applications of synthetic grass can be seen around office buildings, restaurants and hospitality settings, greatly enhancing the appearance of the landscape and the aesthetic appeal for customers. The use of fake grass allows Townsville businesses to provide an appealing environment for their customers to enjoy, allowing business owners to focus on their core business rather than mowing and caring for real grass.

Schools and child care centres around Townsville have also embraced the use of fake turf to enhance the appearance of their playgrounds and school grounds while providing a safe and stimulating environment for children. It is not just the play areas around Townsville education centres that benefit from the use of synthetic turf: entrance and eating areas are also enhanced with the use of astro turf.

Astro Turf used instead of real grass in Townsville
Synthetic Grass used at schools in Townsville

Not surprisingly, Townsville residents have also embraced the use of fake turf around their homes. Having seen the successful use of fake grass in their everyday visits to venues such as schools, sporting fields and around the streets of Townsville, Townsville residents have adapted the use of synthetic grass for their own use. Synthetic grass is used to replace lawns in the yard, around pool areas and even under children’s play areas. In residential settings fake turf is especially useful in heavily shaded areas or high traffic areas.

Regardless of where you are installing your astro turf, it is important to prepare the base for your turf well, making sure it is level, well compacted and well drainedl. Proper preparation and project design are essential to ensure your synthetic grass continues to look great for years to come. If you live in and around Townsville, our experienced team at Maccas can inspect your site and make some design recommendations. Our team will be able to help you from the concept stage to installation, ensuring your artificial turf looks fantastic and stays that way for years to come.

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