Synthetic Turf for Child Care Centres

Synthetic Grass for Child Care

Synthetic turf (or artificial grass and fake grass), have become very popular in childcare centres throughout Australia. The rise in popularity of child care centres using artificial grass is due to the many benefits of using synthetic turf in an outdoor setting.

Traditionally, childcare centres have either used real grass or no grass at all. While real turf does look good, the use of real grass in child care centres presents some unique disadvantages. Many children are allergic to grass or pollen. Synthetic grass eliminates this risk to children by providing a lush, green, inviting look without triggering an allergic reaction from the grass. Maccasgrasses is also very careful to use products that are non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals, further increasing the popularity of artificial grass in childcare centres. 

Fake grass is less likely to harbour creepy crawlies that might bite or frighten children in a childcare setting. Artificial grass will not harm creepy crawlies, but it will provide a less habitable environment for them, discouraging ant nests and the need for chemical treatment of pests. This in turn reduces the risk of bites to children and keeps the childcare play area free from pesticides that could harm children. The safety of children is of paramount importance to childcare operators, so the increased popularity of synthetic turf is understandable.

Artificial grass provides sustainable, low maintenance landscaping solutions to childcare centres. Artificial grass does not need to be watered, which makes it a sustainable water-saving alternative to real grass, saving both water and the cost to provide water. Artificial grass can be swept clean or blown clean, eliminating the need for water. In child care settings, accidents do happen and sometimes the grass is soiled. In such cases, the artificial grass can be hosed down and cleaned with non-toxic chemicals. Our team at Maccasgrasses can help you with recommendations around safe cleaning products for both children and turf.

Unlike traditional turf, synthetic turf does not grow. Perhaps this is stating the obvious, but it is a key factor when it comes to maintaining child care centres. Mowing and caring for lawns is a huge cost for childcare centres so eliminating the cost is very appealing to child care providers. It is also very convenient – finding the time to schedule lawn maintenance outside of child care hours is very limiting. Mowing lawns during child care hours restricts access to the outdoors for children and the noise can interrupt their studies or rest periods. Using artificial grass totally negates this problem and is one less thing for childcare operators to think about. The cost savings soon recoup any initial costs of the synthetic turf installation.

Another advantage of synthetic turf for childcare centres is it comes in many different colours. Lush green grass may be very attractive to adults and children, but it is certainly true children are attracted to colour. Using different colours in a childcare setting helps make the environment more stimulating and engaging for children. Synthetic turf can be used very creatively to enhance child care settings with designs limited only by your imagination.

Synthetic or fake grass in a child care centre
Synthetic Grass we recently installed at a child care centre
Fake grass comes in lots of colours for child care centres
Fake grass is perfect in most child care centres

A further benefit of artificial grass in childcare settings is its durability. With proper installation, synthetic grass has a long lifetime, providing years of enjoyment and convenience for children and childcare operators alike. If you are sick of mowing lawns and are thinking of giving your childcare centre a makeover, contact us to discuss your ideas. We can help you with design, supply, site preparation, installation and any maintenance you may require. Our experienced team will look forward to bringing your ideas to life.

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