The Best Fake Grass For Outdoor Landscaping

Maccas Grasses was approached by the owners of Breeze Bar in Airlie Beach to help them solve a problem with the landscaping of their outdoor bar area. The footpath pavers in the outdoor bar experienced high traffic flow and a lot of spillage. Consequently, the owners were having to scrub the floor on a weekly basis just to make it look clean. The owners also wanted to improve the aesthetics of the outdoor area and felt artificial grass landscaping was worth investigating, but needed advice on the best fake grass to use.

Before artificial grass installation at Breeze Bar
Before Shot of Breeze Bars Footpath Bar Area Prior to Artificial Grass Installation

After a site visit, the team at Maccas Grasses recommended the best fake grass to use was a non-directional, light green imitation turf normally used on putting greens. This particular artificial grass is made from a heavy-duty, metal-free yarn with built-in UV protection and colour stabilisers. Its short pile was perfect for the outdoor area as it can be cleaned easily by just a hose out. Further to that, the manufacturer offers a 7-year warranty which covers unreasonable product deterioration, backing failure and colour fading.

Best fake grass - Maccas Grasses
Kingston Green 15mm Imitation Turf Available Through Maccas Grasses

The actual artificial grass installation was a relatively straightforward process. The team at Maccas Grasses ensured the pavers were level and that any gaps that needed to be filled were. The beauty of using this particular type of fake grass is that it can be installed directly over a crushed rock base or onto a clean concrete floor. The ease of installation makes it one of the best fake grasses to use in high-traffic landscaping areas.

The owners were very happy with the results as it looks fantastic. They were also very happy to eliminate the need for scrubbing the concrete pavers every week.

Fake grass installation at Breeze Bar
After Shot Showing Breeze Bars Artificial Grass Installation

If you have a special project in mind, talk to us about your ideas and what you are looking to achieve. We can give you advice about the best fake grass for your application, as well as provide you with a full supply and installation service.