Artificial Grass Landscaping Project in Airlie Beach

This stunning artificial grass landscaping installation overlooking the Port of Airlie Marina at Airlie Beach in Queensland was recently completed by Maccas Synthetic Grasses in consultation with a local architect and builder.

The project was quite unique as the artificial grass was actually installed on top of a concrete roof, encompassing an area of approximately 800 square metres. The decision to use artificial grass really revolved around the need to disguise the concrete roof without adding additional weight and to soften the landscape, while maintaining unobstructed views from the home.

The project consisted of 4 main stages:

  • Design 

The design phase of the project involved consultation with the architect and builder to finalise the layout, lighting and colour scheme of the project. Originally, coloured sections of turf were included in the design, with a more simple final design locked in to highlight the sculpture and focus on the view.

  • Paving, fencing and lighting 

The paving and fencing for this project were installed by the builder after the team at Maccas Grasses worked with the builder and client to lay out a border and chalk line to guide the installation of the hexagonal pavers and the placement of the timber look stepping stones/sleepers. Surface drainage was checked to be sufficient, and lighting was also installed in preparation for the sculpture.

  • Selecting the best artificial grass for the project

After looking at a range of artificial grass samples, the client decided the best fake grass for this project was Supreme 35, featuring a 35mm wide leaf pile and providing a very realistic soft look. This particular type of fake grass is manufactured in Australia by APT Asia Pacific and distributed through Maccas Synthetic Grasses. The manufacturer cut the rolls to meet the specifications of the project which minimised wastage. Supreme 35 also comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty which was also attractive to our client.

  • Artificial grass installation

Before the fake grass could be installed, extensive testing was carried out to determine the best way to attach the turf without compromising the waterproof membrane. A special type of glue was found to be safe, allowing the artificial turf to be glued directly onto the concrete roof and membrane.

After the artificial grass had been rolled out, trimmed and glued, the entire artificial grass surface was infilled using kiln-dried sand. The purpose of infilling is to hold the pile upright while also holding down the turf. 

Interesting logistics notes: 

The roof of the man cave was approximately 6 metres high, which meant the artificial turf and the kiln-dried sand needed to be lifted via a crane to the site.

It was not necessary to glue the entire subsurface. Only the edges and seams needed gluing. 

Future Plans for This Site

This site currently has real grass covering an area of approximately 500 square metres on a sloping block. There have been challenges with achieving the right length of grass without cutting the lawn too short, causing the grass to dry out in the challenging climate. A wait-and-see approach has been adopted at this stage.

Artificial Grass Landscaping Project

Planning a Special Project?

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