The rising popularity of synthetic turf installation in child care centres and schools in Mackay.

Fake Lawn at a child care centre in Mackay

Artificial grass landscaping in childcare centres and schools around the Mackay region has become very popular. The word is spreading about how effective artificial turf is in childcare and school settings, including satisfaction with its durability, sustainability, safety, low maintenance and water savings. It seems that once one childcare centre or school installs it, the word gets out and everyone wants it.

Perhaps part of the popularity can be attributed to the many different types of artificial turf suitable for use in the Mackay region. There are various shades of green available, various textures and various lengths, enabling childcare centres and schools around Mackay to customise the look of their outdoor area. Vibrant colours are also available.

For example, take a look at the different types of artificial grass available below. It is clear that different products allow landscapers to achieve different looks when using artificial turf. Even the magpies think it looks real!

artificial turf samples

Magpies helping to choose artificial turf from samples at a job near Mackay

Here we share with you a couple of our favourite artificial grass installations at educational centres near Mackay:

Goodstart Early Learning Centre in Mackay, Central Queensland

In 2019, Maccasgrasses was contracted to revamp the outdoor and undercover areas of the Goodstart child care centre in Mackay, The existing area had become a little tired and very high maintenance, prompting the childcare centre to turn towards artificial grass landscaping. Part of the brief was to make the outdoor areas of the childcare centre an enjoyable environment for children to play and learn.

After some careful planning, the best artificial grass for the project was selected with the objective of achieving a lush, green, natural-looking synthetic turf, with an area for a sandpit and more expansive open areas. In preparation for the installation of synthetic grass at the Mackay child care centre, much of the existing surface and vegetation needed to be cleaned out. The base was carefully prepared with rubber granules and sand, then levelled in readiness to lay the artificial turf. With proper preparation and careful planning, the actual laying of the artificial turf was relatively straightforward, resulting in quite the transformation as can be seen below.

Here are some photos of Site preparation for installing synthetic turf at the daycare centre in Mackay.

Preparation for laying artificial grass at a child care centre
Preparation for laying artificial lawn at a child care centre in Mackay
Laying artificial lawn

Here is the finished artificial grass installation at Goodstart Early Learning Child Care Centre in Mackay.

Fake Lawn at a child care centre in Mackay
Artificial Lawn at a child care centre in Mackay

Sarina State School, Mackay Region, Queensland

Sarina is a rural town in the coastal region of Mackay with a population of just over 5,500 people. A cornerstone of the community is the Sarina State School which provides education to children in years P-6. The Sarina State school outdoor area had become very overgrown as the school struggled to maintain and water the existing outdoor areas.

Maccasgrasses was contracted to makeover the outdoor play area in 2021. The brief was to provide a lush, green, vibrant, safe, enjoyable play environment that required minimal maintenance and water and could withstand large amounts of traffic. Our team chose a fake grass that actually resembles real turf, even overlaying it with sand to enhance the natural look. The artificial grass landscaping at the school significantly improved the look of the outdoor area and has been a very user-friendly solution to a difficult space.

Fake Lawn at Mackay
Artificial grass provided a great solution for this challenging area at a school near Mackay.

If you are involved with a child care centre or school in the Mackay region and think artificial grass could enhance your outdoor area, please contact us to discuss your ideas.

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