Should Your Artificial Grass Be Professionally Installed?

Installing artificial grass

In a world of do-it-yourselfers, it’s tempting to install artificial grass without the help of a professional.  After all, what could possibly be so hard about artificial grass installation?  Take it from us here at Maccas Synthetic Grass, with over 20 years of experience in the landscaping industry, the best artificial grass installation is a task for the hands of trained and qualified professionals.  In efforts to avoid faulty artificial grass displays that become eyesores and don’t stand the tests of time or weather, we’ll walk you through a few solid reasons artificial grass should always be professionally installed.

Reason 1: Knowledge of the Product

After making the money-saving decision of installing artificial grass, the next decision is knowing what kind of grass is most ideal for your lawn.  This is where most people go wrong, as not all artificial grass is made equal. Some are best for high foot traffic areas and are manufactured to reflect their dexterity.  Other grasses are made from different materials in areas where foot traffic is low and offer more of a cosmetic look than a tough lasting performance.  Knowledge of the best artificial grasses and their many components could be the difference between a perfect looking lawn and a faulty one.  

Reason 2: Proper Surface Preparation

Another step in the installation process of artificial grass that is very easy to miss or make a mistake on, is proper surface preparation of the site.  With most projects, it’s tempting to skip vital preparation and get right into the decorative side of things. Even if this step isn’t skipped, it often isn’t done properly. Installing artificial grass without proper preparation of the surface ensures that the installation will not withstand time or weather. Proper surface preparation requires the removal of old grass, as well as turning, levelling and compacting the soil beneath.  Once this is done, a weed barrier is also needed.  Any aspect of preparation that is missed could result in weeds growing up through your lawn, uneven laid grass, or complete obstruction of your installation altogether.  The highest quality artificial turf installation can only begin with proper preparation of the surface.


Reason 3: The Right Tools

As mentioned above, with proper surface preparation; it’s tempting to skip certain steps of your artificial grass installation and hope for the best outcome.  When it comes to tools needed for a job of this magnitude, acquiring the right tools is no exception.  With untraditionally used tools such as turf cutters and spirit levels at costly prices, you may not want to spend hard earned money on tools that you may not need again.  With trusted professional installation, all of the guesswork that comes with acquiring proper tools is obsolete.


Reason 4: Understanding of Installation Process

The final reason artificial grass should always be professionally installed is the lack of consumer understanding behind the installation process itself.  For example, those who try an installation by themselves may be unfamiliar with terms such as “direction of the pile”, ‘edges’ and ‘seams’.  However, all of these things are monumental details that alter the look of your lawn. Incorrect installation almost always includes a lack of knowledge of the proper tailoring needed to create attractive lawns, even when using the finest artificial grass, tools and site preparation.  Professional installation ensures your landscape has the most natural and appealing look to anyone who lays eyes on it.

So…. should artificial grass be professionally installed?

At Maccas Synthetic Grass, we pride ourselves in taking all the hard dirty work out of artificial grass installation and leaving you with the most attractive, cost-effective, manicured lawn in the neighbourhood.  We absolutely believe that professional installation is the only way to guarantee the job is done right and done right the first time.  From our well-established reputation of over 20 years in the industry, coupled with our experience with residential, commercial and even government sites, professional installation saves you time, money and the headache of trying to complete a professional project all on your own.

Consult with us today to get started on your personalised install.