Is there any artificial grass that looks real?

Ask most consumers of artificial grass the non-negotiable trait they’re seeking, and most will respond, “I want it to look real.

Understandably, there’s nothing worse than seeking artificial grass installation as a low-maintenance cosmetic investment to your home, only to be left with artificial grass that looks truly, well.. artificial.  However, after over 20 years in the landscaping business, we’ve come to find that the secret to making artificial lawns look authentic, lies in selecting the best fake grass combined with professional installation.

Beginning with providing the best fake grass available, we are proud members of Enduroturf, the largest synthetic grass buying group in Australia. We pride ourselves in sourcing the best locally manufactured artificial grass available. Beyond being homemade with earth-friendly recycled materials, the synthetic grass manufactured by Enduroturf is the first step in an artificial grass installation that looks no different from the real thing.

There are many different types of imitation grass available to provide consumers with the most authentic look. Because there are so many variations of imitation grass to choose from, it’s important to schedule site visits and consultations with professionals, on top of obtaining pictures and samples of your desired choice.  The best fake grass is one that replicates the tone, look, texture, colour and feel of the real thing, but with vibrant healthy-looking blades that are artificially manufactured and don’t need to be maintained.

One imitation grass available in particular; the Enduroturf Premium 40 exudes authenticity by being manufactured with high density, glare proof, soft to the touch material that’s perfect for backyards.  Manufactured in three different colours for the most realistic look, this is one of many options to enhance your landscape and not sacrifice legitimacy.

Enduroturf Premium 40

Another type of imitation grass available that mimics the real thing, is Enduroturf’s Pet Premium line.  Designed for pet owners, this imitation grass comes with double perforations in backing for super drainage, and high-density tufting for ease of collecting pet waste.  An added bonus to this material that makes it act like real grass is the innovative HeatBlock feature that elongates the life of the material and promotes its display.

Enduroturf Pet Premium

There are several versions of imitation grass available to help create an artificial lawn that doesn’t look artificial at all.  With professional help in selecting the best imitation grass for your landscape, you become that much closer to your new lawn.

After successfully selecting the best fake grass for your landscape, professional installation will need to follow suit.  While doing the project yourself may seem tempting, it’s highly discouraged because there are many, many ways to ruin artificial grass installations.  From components such as proper surface preparation to the right tools, and even a basic understanding of the installation process, professional installation is not only highly recommended for a legitimate-looking landscape; it seems to be the only way to guarantee such an outcome. Imperative details that accompany the installation process such as laying grass in the right direction, fixing edges, and joining seams well are all determining factors in the overall display of your new lawn.  Professional installation ensures that none of these factors are compromised.

As mentioned, the secret to real-looking artificial grass lies in selecting the best imitation grass and then pairing it with professional installation.  We are proud to offer both services in one place to save you any headache and hassle that comes with acquiring a new artificial lawn. Consult with us today to receive both components of a successful artificial lawn, with less time, cost and stress on you!